December 28th, 2009

Cartridge Designs
Is not it amazing that what is probably the defensive handgun cartridge best was invented 105 years ago?

Yes 0.45 CPA was designed by John Browning in 1904, only 2 years after the invention of the 9mm Luger. And all this time, with all our computers and modern technology, the .45 ACP is still probably the best self defense handgun cartridge in the world. That's why I said "no doubt "and" possibly. " I did not say 0.45 CPA was absolutely the best.

thus, it was designed at a time where government interference was nonexistent, to fill a specific need, IE Killing evil, where responsibility for ambulance chasers mind did not rule the courts and wimpy liberals to shut up and did not involve 47 different people who each wanted to add or modify their own version (remember the vehicle disaster Bradly fighting?) so it's not really hard to believe at all. shoot security

Super Nintendo Cartridge Design

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