June 8th, 2009

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N64 Emulator Help. Resident Evil 2 ROM is making my character walk through things.?

Okay, so I have downloaded a Resident Evil 2 ROM for my N64 Emulator on my Vista OS and my character (Who is supposed to walk BEHIND cars, garbage cans, gates, etc.) walks through these items and it graphically ruins the game. Is there any way to fix this? There is also sound problems.

I own the actual cartridge and an N64 but it stopped working and I really wish to play it. Can someone please provide assistance? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Resident Evil 2 ROM on N64 is not 100% fully developed which means that it might have tons of video glitches such as walking through walls, which is why you see all sorts of texture glitches within the game. It’s more of the ROM issue, same thing happens with MAME32 roms where the audio has issues or lags. No way of fixing it unless they released a different version of the ROM.

Try running it on a different emulator to see if the problem continues.

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