June 29th, 2010

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Home Water Filter Cartridge

A home water filter cartridge replacement can be purchased at supermarkets and home improvement stores generally. When having your system installed, or installing it yourself, always find out where to get the replacement cartridge, and what type you will need. There can be another brand that will replace the current unit, most of them will list on the package what types of filters they replace. It is very important to replace them as needed to ensure the quality of water coming through the system. This is true no matter what type of filtration system you have.
There are several types to be considered. First is the most commonly known pitcher filter system. These are for drinking and cooking water, and the replacements can be found where you purchased the pitcher. Secondly there are the faucet mounted filters, which again are for drinking and cooking water. Shower head filters and whole house filters may be more difficult in locating replacements for.  Next comes the whole house filter systems. These range from a simple inline filter to a comlex system involving ultra violet to kill bacteria before the final filtration process. When there is hard water present, a water softener system can be installed, and there are those on the market now that don’t use salt, and that have a filter mounted on the unit so a seperate drinking water filter is not needed. In some severe cases a home water filter cartridge system may not be enough to remove chemicals and other harmful impurities.

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