May 23rd, 2009

Cartridge Nip
foutain pens!! i really need ur help!?

i’m gonna buy my very first fountain pen off the internet cause i cant find any around my town.
I’m gonna buy either Parker’s or LAMY’s.
my question is,i noe parker is a name brand, but is LAMY a name brand too? or is it not?
and if i buy either one of them, can i use an other company for the pen? like for an example, if i buy a LAMY fountain pen, can i use parker’s ink for it? Or wat if i buy a parker fountain pen, can i use a waterman ink? cause i heard from some ppl and saw in the internet that u cant cause they’re made differently from other companies or something and could actually break/ruin the pen by thick gunk of ink clamped together blocked at the entrace of the nip… or is this just a lie? can i use any brand? remember, i’m talking about converters, not cartridges…
oh and what’s the difference between cartridges, converters and piston pens?

PLZ help! it’s pretty urgent
and remember this is my first time using a fountain pen, and i’m a 8th grader

I don’t know about LAMY pens, but I have always used Parker. Any fountain pen ink works if it is bottled ink. Some fountain pens come with the ink inside cartridges that fit into the pen…in that case you need to replace the cartridges with the same kind but they can be any color.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Jackie, I am a watercolor paietnr and occasional teacher who lives in a cottage in the woods, on a tiny peninsula poking out into the Pacific on the west coast of the US Washington state. I have followed your blog for several years and love your work as well as the way you share your life with those of us who lurk here. My morning visits to your studio brighten my predominately gray days we get over two and half meters of rain here every year. I love your reports on all the new techniques you try and find them inspiring. I tried the gold leaf on a painting of young cowboys and ponies and sold it for a tidy sum. I was wondering if you get bothered by the solitude of your studio at times? Pat