December 25th, 2008

Cricut Create
Cricut vs Cricut Create?

I want to buy either of these machines for cardmaking, primarily, but I can’t decide if it’s worth the extra money to be able to cut things down to 1/4″, instead of just 1″. Can anyone who owns either machine tell me what you think? Do you use the smallest sizes? What kind of projects do you do?

I own both (The Original small one, then I got the bigger Cricut Expression when it came out later. Now there’s Cricut Create). I do alot of card crafting; 3D paper crafting (I teach arts & crafts too) and posters; plus lots of wedding work. I still think the Create is a little too expensive at this time.

I like the bigger Expression because you can feed a 12 x 12 sheet of paper into the feeder. Plus, because I do alot of cards and create projects for posters, the big one is great for larger letters. I haven’t created letters as small as 1/4″ (only 1/2″). It was fine using either machine.

Something to consider is, how much crafting do you do? If alot, consider the bigger one (it has greater options….plus, although the initial investment is a lot, it was a better (for me) to re-invest in the Expression machine as it included a bundle of 4 cartridges & tools…see below for sources..paid $329.00 for the bundle).

Problem with the big one is that you must have the space for it. The small one is great for the portability. Now there’s a medium one called Cricut Create (I’d rather invest in the big one…currently, the big one offers “bundles”….shop around, some offer 3 or 4 far a.c.moore and/or ohmycrafts have the best prices for the bundles)

Before I made my choices and decisions, I joined the yahoogroup known as “cricitcutter”. This was a great (free) membership group to join because I was able to ask alot of questions, before I made my choices and/or decisions. It’s also a good website to find out where all the good deals are and where you can get the latest accessories; along with many ideas and insight about the use of the machine.

Here’s some info that I was able to get from this group for prices; ideas; etc….: or (the mfg.’s websites; they have video tutorials too)

For products (from personal exp. I’ve ordered from them and they’re reliable web-based co’s.): (great prices for lg. mach. w/4 cartridges & tools) (All cricut & carts. for as low as 25.00) (mach. & cart’s.)

Joann’s and Michaels have sales periodically for cartridges (39.99 to 44.99); only Joann’s will accept 40 or 50% coupons for cricut accessories only (i.e.: mats; tools). WalMart may be cheaper, but, they don’t offer bundles of 4 cartridges.

A little TMI, however, hope this gives you some insight. Good luck!

Cricut Create Unboxing

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