May 10th, 2009

Cricut Provo
Can anyone tell me how to purchase Provo Crafts items, specifically Cricut Machines and Cartridges?

I am looking to purchase direct from Provo Craft, wholesale, but can not seem to find out how to do so. Can anyone help?
Folks, the purpose of asking this question is to get an answer. I do not need to be inundated with ‘answers’ that simply inform me of where else I can get these items, other than direct like I asked. Also, I do not need an ‘answer’ that tells me how much I can or can not buy when buying direct. I do not mean to be harsh, but some answers are not answers…but simply folks with time to kill and an opinion!

Hmmm did you try Provo Craft’s website? You could Google them. And if you have a Joann’s or Michael’s in your area, they sell all that stuff.
My sis just bought a Cricut on ebay and I’m sure you could find the cartridges there too. Just another option for you to consider.
Good luck!

Cricut Provo Craft Cutting Machine

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