August 19th, 2008

Custom Cutting
Who do I go for the custom cut and sew?

How can I get custom cut and sew. I do not want basic, hoodies, shorts, etc. I mean specifically designed jackets and things like that. Although I am not looking for a specific contact, which would be helpful. I 'm looking for a general title such as "you should go to the head designer, etc etc etc" I'm looking for anyone Where in the world, although it should be done by hand. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Are you talking about custom clothing – mostly unique? If yes, you are looking for a seamstress or tailor. One possibility would be to check groups like PACC: which works much like a medieval guild … the backgrounds of members of the quality of work before you register. Or just look in the directory Local telephone for sewing and alterations. Or tell you how many clothes the same tendency to sell? If so, start read here: – and yes, you should read the book by Kathleen ASAP. Try full-package-sewing-contractor-pt-1 / Http://

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