April 5th, 2010

Free Scrapbooking Embellishments: From Hobby to Multibillion Dollar Industry

The scrapbooking business has come a long way since people started making scrapbooks as a hobby in their homes. No one could have guessed how big the scrapbooking industry would become over the years. The annual sales of the scrapbooking business have turned this favorite homegrown pastime into a thriving multi-billion dollar industry.

To date, there are numerous companies that are dedicated to the craft of scrapbooking. In most cases, some scrapbooking businesses even offer an extensive line of scrapbooking materials. Scrappers, short for scrapbooking enthusiasts, can easily get any type of material or equipment they need from a variety of resources.

Scrappers have their choice of paper, cardstock, embellishments, stickers along with stamps and stamp pads. In addition, beginners in the scrapbooking industry can get their first taste of the business from scrapbooking kits that contain step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Enthusiasts have their choice of special scrapbooking paper as offered by various companies like Daisy D’s, Design Originals and Hot off the Press Paper Pizzazz.

Scrapbooking paper is available in plain or patterned styles. The assortment of colors and designs will surely render any scrapper speechless with excitement. Embellishments for scrapbooking are another top seller in the business. Many scrapbooking companies like Adornaments, Brads Scrapbooking and Bo Bunny Press offer a wide variety of embellishments that are designed to make scrapbooking fun and interesting.

Tools have become big business in the scrapbooking industry but these can be quite expensive. Fortunately, scrappers can get the right tools they need from any number of companies where the values range from the reasonably priced to the most expensive. A scrapper would need to have several types of tools such as cutters, scorers, scissors, punches, paper trimmers and perforators for creating their masterpieces.

Paper Shapers Corner offers punch tools with intricate designs while Cutterpede and Cutterbee offer a variety of cutters and straight edge trimmers for the perfect crop. Fiskars® is a recognized brand name in the scrapbooking business. Fiskars® offers everything from mini-craft scissors, decorative blades and rotary cutters.

The Latest Trends in the Scrapbooking Business

The Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show featured the latest trends to hit the scrapbooking business in 2006. These include the newest embellishments for chipboard as well as fashion paper colors. The colors of these papers are inspired by the latest colors used in the fashion industry. In addition, the show also showed how the scrapbooking business has invaded the home décor industry by presenting various ideas on how to display scrapbooking projects at home.

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