May 1st, 2009

3 Responses to “Nip Cutterbee”

  1. Naoto says:

    I just attended Cathies reterat this weekend and had an amazing time. It was my first reterat and definitely will not be my last. You cannot get a better deal with 2 nights, 5 meals, and great company. If you are even thinking about going but not quite sure….JUST GO!!!! I am extremely glad I did. Thanks Cathie for providing us with a great experience and Margaret for a great place to stay. I cant wait for my next one!!!!!

  2. Faris says:

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  3. Adamari says:

    Will DI’ve read the review and i would have to agrue with you on a colpue of things. I felt that you had to take a drag or two to get full vapor potential but you should mention that even still that first drag has more vapor than many or any other electronic cig out there. Overall great product if not the best out there.