December 10th, 2009

Punch Scrapbook
Im BRAND new to scrapbooking. I have some questions?

My brother and I went to the UK for a month in October and collected alot of flyers, ads, pictures, etc etc. I want to make him a memory book.
Where do I start?
What kind of adhesive is best to use for photos? Do i got to Walmart and buy actual PAPER and 3 hold punch it and put it in a book?
How do I ensure this memory book will last? Any fun ideas for layouts?

Im a very crafty person so I have a general idea but have never done a single scrapbook project before.


First of all, any adhesive you use, make sure it is acid-free. This will prevent yellowing and make sure it sticks long-term, since I assume you’ll want to pass it down in the family. Same thing goes for paper…acid and lignin free. You’ll probably want page protectors too, to prevent the oils from your hands from touching your pictures and paper. If you have a local scrapbooking store, you can usually go there for inspiration, otherwise there are a lot of websites that have ideas. Local stores might have some good stickers in relation to the things you did there too. I’d suggest a book (I’m giving you the link below) that I used to outline a scrapbooking class. It really helped me transfer my talents into something I could teach, and it’ll help you learn basic ideas you can use to produce your own creativity! This site also has quite a few page ideas you can look at. I’m also going to give you a link to my favorite sticker site, they’ll most likely have some stickers in relation to your visit to the UK. =) Good luck to you and let me know if you have any other questions. =)

Fiskars Circle Border Punch (

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