January 16th, 2010

Sheet Cricut
Scrapbookers and scrapbook store owners.?

I sell special paper for scrapbooking, particularly for Cricut and other cut machines. What do you Thik on these 2 options and which do you prefer?-Option1 displayed as individual sheets of plain paper where there as 25 baskets per tray. This way, you can get everything you want and nothing more. Item would sell for $ 2.00 each if packaged individually -. Option 2 packages 6 contained in a poly bag like the other colored paper. I plan like gold, silver and bronze … or … red, yellow and blue …. or … black, gray and white. Item would sell for $ 9.99 per pack which is $ 1.66 ch. Thank you for your help.

Mix of Option 1 and Option 2 as the client I would like be able to buy specific colors, but sometimes it's nice to get a pre-selected scheme. I tend to buy tickets for one specific project and bags for general use, storage, possible future projects: random. Note I do not know What type of paper you sell, but $ 2 per sheet is quite expensive. In general, I wont pay more than $ 1 per sheet for super fancy stuff.

Using The Cricut Cake to Decorate with ! Episode #2

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