August 7th, 2010

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Handmade Packaging for Wedding Favors

It can be the case that the packaging for your wedding favors can cost as much, sometimes more than the favors themselves. But by making your own packaging you will not only save money, but go a long way to making your wedding favors very unique indeed.

A lot has been written about making your own favors, but not so much when it comes to making packaging. However, making bags and boxes yourself can be far easier than making the favors yourself. You also have full control over colors, decorations and other details which may not be available to you by buying ready made packaging.

The first step is to decide what type of packaging you want to make. Bags, envelopes and packets are very easier to cut and make up, although they may require a good deal of gluing! Boxes are not as difficult as you think and you can get designs that simply fold up without the need for glue.

You can find many good templates online for packaging and for free. You will need to print them out onto good quality card or onto acetate so your template will be robust enough to draw around many, many times. The advantage with downloading them from the internet is that you can simply print a new template should the first one become damaged or unusable.

For a good quality template then you will need to visit a craft store or search online. These templates will normally come in a range of sizes and different designs allowing you to make many different types of box, bag etc. They will be printed on acrylic and laser precision cut so they are an accurate template that will fold up every time into a perfect shape – something which doesn’t always happen with templates you have cut yourself.

If you are an avid crafter already then you will probably already be aware of the various die cutting machines available on the market. These machines use precision cut dies to cut shapes from paper, card and a wealth of other materials. Machines such as the Sizzix Big Shot will cut box and bag templates and you can purchase dies in many different designs to make your own favor boxes and bags. They will also cut tags, mini envelopes and many, many other fantastic shapes and designs which you could use to decorate your favors.

These machines can be pricey, although you may be able to grab a secondhand one at a bargain price from sites like EBay. The advantage with having one is that you can cut boxes etc far quicker than you could by hand and they will be precise every time. Having a machine also mean that you can cut everything you need for your favors, such as tags, labels etc far cheaper than you could buy them ready made, meaning that the outlay for the machine is worth it compared to the savings you will make. Just make sure that you can cut packaging big enough for your favors first!

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