August 22nd, 2008

Stencil Template
Does anyone know where I can find an old Barbie activity together?

This activity has been oriented design fashion for Barbie on paper. It came with a little table Lightboard, clothing patterns and stencils. He also models, colored pencils, etc. I remember that owns more than 10 years and I miss it terribly! I want my daughter to be able to play with her when she is quite old. Can someone help me!?

Well, I do not know how to find an ancient activity series, but when I small i had a barbie computer game that has been making clothes for Barbie and design of colors and patterns and you can choose where it and even went up to watch his band! it was awsome i loved this game and sometimes I play it in secret even to this day! I think your daughter would something like that and you would probably enjoy watching and have fun playing!

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