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Cartridge Set

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Cartridge Set
How do I configure my printer to use only the color cartridge when the words are in black (pages link to pdf)?

I printing in this review, but my black ink is very low, so he jumps on parts of the letters. I prefer to print it as such blue to make it easier to read, and I have color ink than black. How can I do that? I have a Lexmark X2580.

In the properties the printer (Printing), you can use the cartridges automatically by the requirement. You have two options there better performance and use black ink cartridge (gray). Turn gray scale and use Best Performance option to use the ink color by default. Or you can copy the entire document from the PDF file and use any word processing to convert the font color to the darker gray. The printer would it treat it as a color copy, and thus would be the use of the cartridge color print. Cheers!