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Large Punch

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Large Punch

Punch recipes that will float your boat and serve as the perfect addition to your menu. Whether you are looking for slush, fruity, tart, sparkling or punch, we have some delicious options for you to consider.

Whether you're planning a birthday, family get together or a holiday party, it is important to be a good host by providing great food and refreshing beverages to your guests. However, constantly having to go to the kitchen to take something to drink for someone can be a lot of time and disrupt your host of other tasks. Whisking a few simple recipes punch, you are sure to have plenty of soft drinks available for your guests and you will not be relegated to the kitchen for the evening.

STRAWBERRY-PINEAPPLE PUNCH Slushy – This is a delicious punch perfect for birthday parties, family get togethers, holidays, and showers.

2 1 / 2 c sugar
6 c Water
2 (3 oz) packages. strawberry gelatin
1 (46-oz) pineapple juice
2 / 3 c lemon juice
1 qt. orange juice
2 (2 liter) bottles of Sprite

Boil sugar, water, and gelatin for 3-4 minutes in a large saucepan. Stir in juice. Freeze mixture in two containers. When you are ready to use it, place a container in a punch bowl and stir in a bottle of Sprite until melted.

LEMON SLUSH PUNCH – Here's another big punch slush. It is a perfect choice for lovers of lemon or when you're short on time because it is fast and easy to assemble.

Country time lemonade mix powder

Make lemonade according to the method of packing. Freeze in large Ziploc bags. Just before serving, break the content lemonade in a punch bowl and add chilled Sprite. Serve immediately.

SUPER EASY tropical punch – If you want to serve a delicious blend of fruit, here is a good option to consider.

12 oz frozen lemonade
12 oz frozen orange juice
46 oz pineapple juice
3 1 / 2 quarts water
1 / 2 c sugar
1 qt ginger ale
Orange slices, strawberries and cherries for garnish.

Mix all ingredients except ginger ale. Refrigerate. Just before serving, add ginger ale.

CANDLES AOL PUNCH – This is an excellent choice for lovers of sparkling apple cider. It has a bit of this and a little of what is ultimately for treatment of bubbly.

2 bottles of sparkling apple cider
1 liter club soda
2 lemons
3 oranges
1 (6 oz) Frozen concentrated lemonade
1 tsp soup. sugar

Slice fruit and place in bottom of punch bowl. Pour thawed lemonade, soda water, sparkling apple cider, and sugar. Stir. Add ice cubes just before serving.

SPECIAL fruit punch – It's another blow easy. It requires a little preparation of fruits, but other than that, it's pretty fast.

1 (64 oz) bottle of fruit punch
2 (15 ounce) cans pineapple chunks
1 (pt) sliced strawberries
2 bananas, sliced
2 (pt) sorbet
1 (2 liter) Imp

Pour fruit punch into a punch bowl. Add pineapple, strawberries and bananas. Scoop sherbet into punch and add Sprite. Serve immediately.

BIRTHDAY PARTY PUNCH – That an old favorite who has served on many a birthday party.

1 (2 qt) bottle of Sunny Delight, chilled
1 (2 liter) bottle of Sprite, chilled
2 (pkg) Tropical Punch Kool-Aid powder

Empty the Kool-Aid powder in a punch bowl. DO NOT add sugar. Pour into Sunny Delight and Sprite. Stir until Kool-Aid is completely mixed. Serve immediately over ice.

To give you a starting point for determining how much punch to do a good rule of thumb is to allow a gallon for 10 people. This equation assumes that each guest drink three servings, 4 ounces.

Many a drink has come and gone, but it seems punch that has stood the test of time. Punch recipes seem to be synonymous with celebration. So choose your poison and stir until a good time!

Check out other Punch Recipes by visiting, a party planning website written and edited by Professional Organizer, Elizabeth Chastain. You’ll also find many ideas for invitations, decorations, cakes, games, and favors.

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