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Deep Cut

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Deep Cut
How do I heal a deep cut on my finger fast?

my finger was cut with a switchblade, which is very strong today and he was bleeding a lot. The cut is deep enough and a guy who is pre-med suggested I stitches, but I refuse to do so. Any ideas? If you're a doctor or nurse please help its an emergency

Go to an urgent care gallop, and stitches if the doctor thinks you need it! It could protect you against the risk of infection, distort and even loss of your finger. If you hesitate because you do not have health insurance and can not afford to see a doctor – even if you go see a doctor later – Disinfect your finger immediately. Wash your hands and the wound with soap and water, then apply rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Follow with an antibiotic ointment, then dry with a sterile cloth and apply a butterfly bandage to close the wound. Cover with a gauze pad and wrap all with medical tape. Leave the butterfly bandage until a few days after the wound closes. If it is dirty, apply to both new sides of the former before removing and then replacing the old. Change the remaining dressing at least once a day and after showers, a new application of alcohol and antibiotic ointment before covering with gauze and new bands.

Deep cut