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Scrapbooking Card

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Scrapbooking Card
Card making and scrapbooking collage question:)?

I recently started making cards and scrapbooking and I was wondering that the best way was to stick bulky embellishments on maps and books? I have some wonderful embellishments, but can not get them to stay put!

Definitely use something that is acid-free! DO NOT use hot glue or two part epoxy from your albums! They begin turning on your yellow pages and books and erode the paper! Do what the last 2 posters have mentioned, glue dots, you can get to HQ Michael Moore and any store or scrapbook, or tape runners Hermafix, etc. All that said it was the free acid is good, everything else will damage all the hard work you do! Maybe you are a member of bulky items, use glue dots, they are very strong and keep your pasted objects on page. They work hard and have been for years. That's what most scrapbookers use their bulky items. For other elements like pictures and things that you can use 2 bands acid free face, Hermafix, Xyron adhesive, etc. Anything that is acid free is great, but do not use epoxy or hot glue in your books. You work too hard to be ruined over the glue you use! I hope this helps!

Quick Tip on how I organize my Scrapbooking and Card Making Supplies