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Cartridge Storage

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Cartridge Storage
No ink to dry?

Iv'e had my all in one (HP) Photosmart in storage for three or four years has been to use Today, only a blank page printed asked if the cartridge was dried? The scanner was any good ideas before I buy new cartridges that I know, they are expensive.

Although it is quite possible for it to dry once the seal on them has been broken, they are usually not, unless for some reason, the seal between the cartridge and the printer nozzle comes off or broken. In general, how to get the ink flowing again was for options printers and execution times of the nozzle utility own several. This will usually charge the system with ink and potential re-wet dried printer nozzles. Give it a shot.

Scrap’N Tote Cricut Imagine Cartridge Storage