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Cartridge Required

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Cartridge Required
What does the numbers on ink cartridges mean?

I went to the store the other day and found that the HP 27 black cartridge is double the price of 21 black. Why is that? Does it have anything to do with the size, amount, or quality? Would if be bad if I got 21 instead of 27, which is what my printer requires?

You’re right, they mean different things. In some cases, the issue is quantity, in some cases it is whether the head is in the cartridge or because of the cost of manufacture. In some cases it is just due to the popularity of the cartridge. Within the same brand, ink quality is relatively the same unless it is a speical “series”.

In some cases, mfgrs make a regular and a “high capacity” cartridge and both will fit. Your owners manual will let you know. In MOST cases, the bigger cartridge is CHEAPER per print than the small cartridge. Check the capacity of the cartridge and divide by the price. For instance if the expected capacity is 200 sheets and the price is 15. the cost per page is 7.5 cents. and a 300 sheet cartridge is 20 the cost is 6.6 cents so that one is cheaper

In MOST cases, especially if from a major mfgr, the wrong cartridges purposely won’t fit in the printer. This is to PREVENT probelms, not to jack up the price.

You need to buy the correct cartridge. Below, I gave links to a page in amazon that will tell you if the cartridge fits.

In some cases, you can buy refilled cartridges. If you do, make sure you buy from a REPUTABLE company. Do NOT try those refill it yourself kits!!!! Buying a bad cartridge can ruin a printer.

If you are out of ink, replace the cartirdge pretty soon, if not, ink will dry in the head and the tubes that feed the head and you will have to buy a new printer.

Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Machine – Select Jet

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