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Cutting Tool

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Cutting Tool

Cutting Tools and Tool Supplies

Cutting tools and tool supplies are extensively used in shaping, grinding, polishing, drilling and other engineering applications in different industrial settings. Cutting tools are evolving with changing needs and the right choice of tool can transform the production process.

Commonly used Cutting Tools and Tool Supplies

Scrapers with wide blades are one of the popularly available cutting tools. They generally come in heat-treated carbon steel makes which gives them maximum strength. They are coated with protectant for maximum durability. For added convenience, almost all kinds of scrapers come attached with comfortable contoured handles. They can be used for scrapping paints, wallpaper and other adhesives.

Cutting tools find use in sanding work, carpet cutting and metal and tile grinding. When it comes to applying sealant, plaster or putty compound, using putty knives are the best option. The wide stiff blades and plastic handles of these tool supplies make the task easier. Light duty cutting jobs are made easier with jiffi cutters. These models usually come with retractable blades for complete safety.

Utility knives come in different types and models. Depending on the purpose of use, they are categorized into carpet knives, box cutters, putty knives and much more.
The retractable utility knives are among the most popular type. Most of them come with an optimized cutting angle and rubber handles for ease of holding. Some models of utility knives have different blade positions for to suit various cutting depths. Some are designed with rubber grips for easy gripping. When the blade loses it sharpness and luster, it can be replaced with a new one

Shop Online for Wide Choice Options

It is advisable to shop online for the cutting tools and tool supplies that you need.  Many online stores offer an extensive choice of branded products to meet every requirement.

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