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Words Cricut

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Words Cricut
Cartridge in the Cricut Opposites attract, cursive letters are cut together?

I think buying the cartridges Opposites Attract and I like the features, especially cursive. But I was wondering if I cut "birthday", for example, if the word is cut all, or a simple letter. Oh, I almost forgot, do you know anywhere I can buy a cartridge for less than $ 60? Furthermore eBay, Amazon or similar sites. Are there any cartridges that can cut custom words in one piece, preferably cursive? I was disappointed namely, that opposites attract does not, but thank you, drop by drop, you helped me! what the police is in cursive Opposites Attract?

I have the opposites attract and yes if you want all, you must have software for welding. I have both the design and reductions of cricut sure many. With cuts sure a lot you can download all kinds of different fonts off the internet for free and use them, and weld them together too. I am 31 carriages now and most of them on e-by 26 to 38. But they see too good sales.

Shadow Welded Words with the Cricut Gypsy